5 Reasons to Join GMUN

Do you have some free time and want to use it productively? Are you looking for an interesting event to join in the summer? Are you trying to explore a career in diplomacy or international relations? You’ve come to the right place! Here are the top five reasons for you to apply to GMUN.

1) It’s free!
Yes, you read that right. GMUN is free and available to everyone. You get the opportunity to take part in an international Model United Nations conference without paying a lot of money - unlike with other MUN simulations, GMUN advocates creating equal opportunities.

2) You can expand your horizons
Our topics are designed to increase your knowledge about some of the most important global challenges. Becoming a delegate will require you to put aside your personal opinion and think from another perspective, developing your soft skills and emotional intelligence. It will challenge you to be more flexible, and it will improve your critical thinking and resolution writing skills.

3) Improve your debating and public speaking skills 
Only in a Model United Nations’ moderated session is it appropriate to call out people and countries in the most direct ways possible. Consider your diplomatic skills, but put aside all social mannerisms and unleash your inner politician.

4) Explore several countries’ positions on specific topics
Take a stance that is not your own and discover in depth other countries’ strategies towards dispute resolution and policymaking.

5) Meet new people
We don’t want to tell you that the social aspect is not the most important part of GMUN, but then we would be lying. Be ready to meet youth from Italy and all over the world! This is a perfect opportunity for aspiring young professionals to expand their network - make connections, build new friendships and communicate in an engaging and diverse environment.

Yazan Goussous


Via Columbia 2, 00133 Rome, Italy.


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