A sneak peek into GMUN 2021

The world order is going through a process of transformation due to the complex transnational challenges we are facing nowadays. Some of these challenges are considered to be a threat to peace and security and a hinderance to the achievement of sustainable development. Such challenges require a collaborative intergovernmental and inter- organizational action that stems from a series of negotiations and collaborations that incorporate diplomacy and an interdisciplinary approach.

With aims to promote extensive debates, interdisciplinary learning and increasing academic knowledge, we are glad to announce that GMUN 2021 will be in partnership with Article 33 Institute and will also join the UNHCR Model UN Refugee Challenge.

GMUN in its third edition will bring to the table a series of committees that will discuss some of the most important contemporary international challenges - aiming to give students the opportunity to learn about these challenges and ways to resolve them within the United Nations diplomatic framework.
GMUN 2021 Committees:

• United Nations Security Council (UNSC): Addressing the territorial claims in the Eastern Mediterranean.

• United Nations General Assembly, 3rd Committee (SOCHUM): Xinjiang re-education camps: The treatment of the Uyghur people in China.

• United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR): Promoting the social inclusion of refugees.

• International Law Commission of the United Nations: The liability and regulation of non-state actors in outer space. 

• IFAD Committee: Engaging indigenous peoples in the fight against climate change.

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