Global Model United Nations is a simulation of the work of the United Nations in which youth participate as either country delegates or committee chairpersons to discuss global challenges. GMUN was launched in 2019 by the students of the bachelor’s degree in “Global Governance” of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. The conference is organized by the public universities of Rome in cooperation with IFAD, within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between IFAD and the departments of economics and social sciences of the respective universities.

You can join our annual conference by applying as a delegate and/or a chairperson. Follow our social media accounts to stay updated and be the first to find out when applications open!

Yes, you can apply for both delegate and chairperson positions, but ultimately, you can be selected for only one of the positions.

GMUN brings together students and youth from all over world, aiming to introduce them to global challenges and dispute resolution methods within the framework of the United Nations while promoting an interdisciplinary approach through its diverse committees. Being a part of GMUN allows students to develop their personal and professional skills by learning the basics of debating, collaborating with others, applying diplomatic courtesy, public speaking, and researching the topics.

Yes! All of our participants will receive a certificate of participation after the conference has ended. In order to receive the certificate, you will need to be present throughout the duration of the conference. To delegates that distinguish themselves during the simulation, special “Best Delegate” certificates will also be awarded.

No! No previous experience is required for students applying as delegates - our team will provide students with the material needed to prepare them fully for the conference.
However, for students applying for chairing positions, at least one previous experience, as either delegate or chair, is required.

Yes, training workshops will be held before conference. GMUN will also provide participants with the material required to fully prepare them for the conference, the committees and the rules of procedure. GMUN will also hold special pre-conference events with experts in the fields of the topics being discussed for our participants.

One of GMUN’s aims is to provide equal access to opportunities to everyone wishing to take part in our conference, therefore, GMUN does not charge their participants a participation (or registration) fee.

All participants are expected to respect the following dress-code guidelines:

- The dress-code of GMUN is formal business attire; all clothing must be appropriate for a formal diplomatic setting.

- National symbols like flags, pins, etc. are not appropriate.

- If you are attending the conference virtually, your attire may be business casual. However, please make sure that your virtual background is neutral and does not show any symbols or affiliations. 

The formal language used during the event and all communications is English. All committees being simulated in our 2021 edition will have English as their working language, therefore, a good level of English is required to take part in the event.


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