Lara’s step into the unknown 

Hello readers!
My name is Lara Ximenes, I am 20 years old, and I study Journalism and Communication at the University of Coimbra in Portugal. Fun fact: it is the 9th oldest university in the world. Due to my interest in global governance and international affairs I ponder being a postgraduate student in that field. 

I am writing this piece to let you know how I won the Best Delegate award in GMUN 2020 for representing France in the United Nations Security Council - something which didn’t even cross my mind when applying.

Truth to be told, upon applying I didn’t know I would end up at the Security Council in the first place.

I heard about Global Model United Nations on the youth platform Goodwall through a friend. I thought it would be both insightful and challenging to be a “diplomat” for 2 days, so I signed up.

At first, I chose to represent a nation at the United Nations General Assembly: I deemed it wouldn’t be as scary as having a seat at the Security Council. After that, a friend asked me why I didn’t apply for the Security Council and managed to convince me to take that step… and so I did let go of fear and went for my first MUN ever.
I can tell you that it was not the award which made me love this experience. What made all this worthwhile was attending sessions with IFAD Executive Board members and other brilliant ambassadors, it was broadening my knowledge about dispute resolution and getting to meet interesting delegates who came from all over the world.

I hope you will make the most out of your GMUN experience!

With love, Lara Ximenes


Via Columbia 2, 00133 Rome, Italy.


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