Tips to Boost Your MUN Game

Soon enough you will be ready to embark on an adventure that will expand your horizons, increase your knowledge, and improve your soft skills.

In July, you will be in the conference rooms ready to debate, negotiate and come up with recommendations, and ultimately resolutions, that would help in overcoming the challenges our world is facing nowadays.

Whether you are a first-timer or an MUN expert, here are some tips and tricks that would be useful to get you ready for GMUN 2021:  

How to Research:
- Before you start your research, make sure that you understand the topic of the committee. Start by researching the conflict’s history, how it developed overtime and who are the main actors.

- Search your country’s position. Look for statements, condemnations, contributions, etc. Pay special attention to how your country’s position developed overtime.

- Make sure to use reliable resources and that your information is correct. Sources like Wikipedia are considered unreliable. Try to look for academic sources and/or stay up to date with world news.

- Take an interdisciplinary approach when you are doing your research. Check out how this challenge affects politics, social justice, economics, and other relevant fields.

Debate, Lobby and Negotiate:
- During the merging session, make sure to discuss with your allies your approach towards the challenge and your goals, and plan a resolution accordingly.

- Do not use personal pronouns, but rather use “the delegate of __” or “we” or “as the delegate of __”

- Make sure to contribute during the sessions by initiating debates and engaging in them. You can always propose a motion for a moderated caucus to tackle the issues you find most important.

- Make use of Note Passing to communicate with other delegates, to formulate strategies and plan your debates.

- Lobbying is important, and in some cases, debates alone do not achieve the results you are aiming for. So, make sure to propose a motion for an unmoderated caucus to extend the debate of certain topics with other delegates. You can always propose an unmoderated caucus as a break; coffee might make approaching targeted delegates easier.

- When presenting your resolution, make sure to tackle all the important debates you have had in your committee. Planning a Q&A strategy with your bloc might make your resolution appear stronger. Be ready for questions from opposing delegates and prepare possible counter-arguments beforehand.

Have fun!
GMUN is not only a unique educational experience, but it is also a meeting hub for interesting ambitious people from all around the world. Make sure to enjoy the experience and to communicate with other people during and after the sessions.
Make sure to use some of the breaks as an outlet to fuel up, chill, talk, laugh and make memories together.

Apply now and join us to learn, gain experience and to make great memories.



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